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Welcome to Patmai


Patmai offers all your metal finishing needs from large production runs to small prototypes. We finish all types of material from softer silver, brass and aluminum to harder tool steel and stainless. We offer a variety of finishes from a coarse satin to a mirror-like finish.


Patmai was established in 1963 by Buddy Mattox with old school buffing and polishing back when buffing was a skilled trade. Bud retired in 1993 leaving the company to family and close friends. In 1993 after the take-over, Patmai changed its platform from polishing one or two types of metals to all types with a variety of finishes.

Through the years, Patmai has continued to grow and improve by keeping up to date with all new materials available, training and retaining skilled workers and producing quality workmanship. It is our goal to be efficient, cost effective and support our customers to the best of our ability.


  • 15,000 Sq. ft. facility with ability to expand
  • 22 Buffing Stations
  • 10 Polishing Stations
  • 40-50 Employees
  • 2 Automated Buffing Straight Lines
  • Several Automated Rotaries


Patmai is ISO 9001-2008 certified and committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Many people ask how the name Patmai came to be. The original owners tossed all their daughters and wives names into a hat. The first name picked was Pat and the second, May. The ‘y’ in May was changed to ‘i’ and the company was named Patmai.

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Our Services

High-Volume Production

Have a large volume? With Patmai’s experience you can be assured of the quality of our work on large production runs. We provide:

  • Stainless Steel Finishing
  • Aluminum and Brass Preparation
  • Stamping, Casting, and Extrusion

Short Run Prototype

It’s not all about large volumes. We offer the same quality services for smaller runs:

  • Prototypes or Samples Polishing and Buffing

Custom Work

We made our name on custom work and it shows. Our services include:

  • Aluminum Polishing
  • Brass Restoration
  • Automotive Trim Restoration

Our Process

Over the last few years Patmai has improved on its operating system and quality control plan. In Short:

  • Every incoming shipment is audited to catch defects
  • All parts are 100% line inspected along with random Q/C audits
  • Final dock audit before shipping to ensure quality

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